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Elive 64bit

Posted by borei 
Elive 64bit
October 12, 2010 07:11AM
Hi All.

Recently installed Elive Topaz 2.0. Had some issues with installation:

1) During disk partitioning if you choose "My disk already partitioned" installer left file system mounted and can't continue installation
2) Installer doesn't provide option to leave home directory (or i didn't see it).

I did kernel update to right after installation, because my 2x AMD 290 with 8Gb system doesn't work with recent kernels.
After that - system is bullet-fast and rock solid. Connected TV to component out, playing full HD movies - everything looks good, but, always that "but" ....

Does author has plan to release 64bit version ? Or is it possible to download source tree and recompile everything under 64bit system ?

I played with bare-metal enlightenmentm installing it on my centos based system, but it's way too far from what elive provides.

Thanks a lot. Really good product.
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