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complete freeze of Elive Topaz

Posted by chiiiiiiz 
complete freeze of Elive Topaz
January 07, 2011 08:24PM

I have a problem of freezing. I mean complete freezing, no way to switch to another terminal session (like Ctrl+Alt+F1), nothing happens.
I hear that my HD works harder... but no change. The only solution is to restart with the Power button...

This is a fresh intall, I removed all unnecessary modules (Ecomorph, Bluetooth... Internet configurator...).

This happened 2ce when browsing with Iceweasel, but happened also during a Scite session...
I do not know where to start from... Any help welcome


Intel Celeron D
3 Ghz RAM
no graphic adapter
Re: complete freeze of Elive Topaz
January 12, 2011 10:25PM
I run conky to keep an eye on system drains/hogs. When it freezes, the top 3 abusers will be listed. The default config will work: see conky.sf.net

Were you trying to view a flash site in iceweasel? You could try the browsers suggested in your other post. I have 3.6 Firefox but I tend running in live mode I have to be careful when going to flash-heavy sites on my old laptop. I would d/load them for viewing instead after I've left the browser, for example.
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