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Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style

Posted by Larrydc 
Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style
January 27, 2011 02:50AM
On an installed Elive 2.0, Choosing #3 Change font style only changes to some ugly mono-spaced font. No matter whether choosig Elive fonts or any other ttf font. I have to reset defaults to get back to something usable.

Is it because I mustn't use TTF fonts?

Thanks ahead of time/

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Bradenton, FL EE.UU.
Re: Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style
January 27, 2011 11:07AM

I put my extra fonts (with .ttf in their name) in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/elivefonts/

You should be okay then...
Re: Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style
January 28, 2011 11:38PM

I guess I wasn't clear.

I am just trying to pick another font for the terminal from those ALREADY in /usr/.../elivefonts directory :

#NAME 6 of 21
Dec 04 2006 45,060 -->> HoneyScript-Light.ttf
Dec 04 2006 50,896 -- Adventure.ttf
May 29 2007 51,984 -- daniel.ttf
Dec 04 2006 52,092 -- Note_this.ttf
Dec 04 2006 55,220 -- PROJECTS.TTF
Dec 04 2006 59,900 -- UnZialish.ttf
May 29 2007 63,688 -- danielbd.ttf
Dec 04 2006 66,332 -- 4990810_.TTF
Dec 04 2006 69,636 -- shanghai.ttf
Dec 04 2006 71,800 -- CloisterBlack.ttf
Dec 04 2006 82,072 -- SCRIPTIN.ttf
May 29 2007 88,760 -- danielbk.ttf
Dec 04 2006 89,108 -- marigoldwild.ttf
Jul 09 2003 95,576 -- PhontPhreaks_Handwriting.ttf
Dec 04 2006 98,340 -- TRIBTWO_.ttf
Apr 01 2008 130,956 -- journal.ttf
No matter which one I pick I get the SAME lousy monospaced font. My question is: HOW can I change the font. Applications->Administration->Terminal configurator does NOT work except to change the size of the font!
3. Change font style will NOT change the style, even when I choose a font ALREADY in your suggested directory .../elivefonts.
Re: Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style
January 29, 2011 04:04AM

Right, I misunderstood, sorry about that

The same thing happens to me, and I gave up on that little tool. This is the problem: I have an .Xdefaults file and the font is specified in there. If I go 'pick a font style' the tool BLANKS OUT my default font and fails to insert the chosen font, but it leaves the other stuff intact such as URxvt.font:xft::pixelsize=16. The fontstyle should have been inserted between the two colons '::'.

So since urxvt doesn't know what to do, you get that same ugly font each time. I fixed mine this way: I made the font change in .Xdefaults permanently using vi. If you decide to do likewise, don't forget to xrdb -merge .Xdefaults
Re: Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style
January 30, 2011 02:19AM

Thanks for the xrdb... command.

I removed my own .Xdefaults and ran Terminal Configurator again to see if it changed anything. It still would not allow any other fonts. Just the same ugly one above.

Then I just gave up and pulled my old Arch-Linux .Xdefaults (My Athlon 1700+ w/ an Chiantech GeForce 2 MX400(nvidia) video card is just too antiquated for a rolling release distro.) and used that.
! to override any if the settings below, use the file
! /etc/X11/app-defaults/URxvt-local

! now preloaded some defaults for Debian

URxvt.saveLines: 5000

URxvt*termName: rxvt
URxvt.title: URxvt Terminal

URxvt.cursorColor: #dc74d1
URxvt.pointerColor: #dc74d1
URxvt.background: #0e0e0e
URxvt.foreground: #4ad5e1
URxvt.color0: #000000
URxvt.color8: #8b8f93
URxvt.color1: #dc74d1
URxvt.color9: #dc74d1
URxvt.color2: #0eb8c7
URxvt.color10: #0eb8c7
URxvt.color3: #dfe37e
URxvt.color11: #dfe37e
URxvt.color5: #9e88f0
URxvt.color13: #9e88f0
URxvt.color6: #73f7ff
URxvt.color14: #73f7ff
URxvt.color7: #e1dddd
URxvt.color15: #e1dddd
URxvt.font: xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:autohint=true:pixelsize=10
URxvt.italicFont: xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:italic:autohint=true:pixelsize=10
URxvt.boldItalicFont: xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:bold:italic:autohint=true:pixelsize=10

I left the first 4 lines from Elive and added the URxvt.font line 3rd from the bottom. I use vfu instead of Thunar or Dolphin so my terminal fonts are important to me.
Also I use mcedit or aee.

Thanks for your help.... Now to get brasero to burn dvds!!!!
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