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E17 on Debian or on Ubuntu

Posted by shivaree81 
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E17 on Debian or on Ubuntu
September 07, 2007 06:35PM
Hi, Just tried the Elive-cd
And I must say I love it... Can't wait to installed it on my hdd.


Here's a question, What do you advice me to do, to install it ubuntu-based or to install it debian-based. Im trying to go for the most stable configuration

Best regards,
Re: E17 on Debian or on Ubuntu
September 08, 2007 01:25PM
e17 - on elive - performs better (movies, open office impress, games) - than e17 on ubuntu (tested on 2ghz 1gb system - Dell Latitutde C810)

so - (I) have it dual boot with Ubuntu and Elive.