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Can't mount nfs NAS

Posted by DesertJim 
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Can't mount nfs NAS
March 10, 2011 02:39PM
I'm running eLive on VMplayer 3.1.3 as a guest OS linux 2.6.x kernal. Host OS is another Debian Linux on 2.6.35-27-Generic. This is because the distro I'm using is changing its UI in April so I wanted to evaluate eLive as an option.

Multiple computers are used around the house on a network with a NAS server as the core.

I installed nfs-common and edited /etc/fstab with the same line as all my other systems.

<NAS IP>:/Servers /media/nas nfs rw.hard,intr 0 0

however it does not mount on boot up and if I do

mount -a

from a root terminal I get

mount.nfs: <NAS IP>:/Servers failed, reason given by Server access denied.

I've set the permissions on the mount point as rwxrwxrwx

Anybody got any ideas?