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It became my Elive Topaz 2.0 slow

Posted by artava 
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It became my Elive Topaz 2.0 slow
September 08, 2011 02:43AM
Hi all

I request your kind help, because after a good installation, and check that everything was perfectly recognized my hardware, I worked for about 2 days with a stable and fast, but now and after having surfed the Internet, the system became progresses very slowly and as if performing an internal operation at all times and any action you take is desperate response to the mouse pointer is dangling.
To attempt to restart highs and Grub fails me, then I completely shut down and wait a while, after which the grub again routed to the partition, but Elive does not improve.
Do not know what could have happened, because I have not installed anything different to the installation of Elive.
If you can guide me to check I thank you.

Re: It became my Elive Topaz 2.0 slow
October 21, 2011 01:08AM
There are some commands that let you see what's hogging the system. Open an extra terminal to view the status while working. In that extra terminal, type top and/or ps aux; top is better since it ranks by resource usage. Is there a lot of disk I/O (light could be flashing) and how much swap is being used (top shows this)? You didn't turn on all the eye-candy effects by any chance?
Re: It became my Elive Topaz 2.0 slow
November 08, 2011 05:57AM
Thanks for the reply.

I'm at work, then I will review with their advice and comments on the results.