September 21, 2007 08:56PM
I am a very new user of Linux; only one year in with the sampling of several distributions, ie,. Suse (as a dual boot to my older desktop), Mepis, and about 3 more that I don't remember the names.

I settled for eLive because it looked like the best for my old little Windoze Millenium Dell laptop. (So said my computer guy :o)

After problems with the wireless on the laptop, I told him to build me a new desktop system for the kids' room with eLive on it, to which he did.

Everything is running great, as far as a novice like myself is concerned, but I am a big fan of icons on the desktop...or at least a clock/calendar. Is there any way to add anything to the desktop?

I forget most of the time where I may have downloaded something, and can anyone remember the time when Linux was so new they didn't know how to use File Manager that well? That's me :o)

Thank you all in advance!!!
Re: Desktop
September 22, 2007 06:28PM
Left click on desktop, configuration, configuration panel, module settings. Clocks and all sorts there, be sure to have e-modules package installed and just enable the modules you want.