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Hello from a new happy Elive convert and alot of questions

Posted by Nikolai_D 
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Hello from a new happy Elive convert and alot of questions
April 15, 2014 05:36PM
Hi there,
Finaly just bought and installed Topaz on my Eee PC.
Something i wanted to do for some time already. And i really like it. Lightweigt and very fancy.
But then i also have some questions. emosmile
How unstable is beta? Or is it stable enough like Debian testing for example? Because im a Fedora user. So this is not like i mind it. But recentely switched to OpenSuse on a work laptop. Because dont really like the fact that Fedora is releasing once every half a year.
(Also wanted to try E17 on F20 but didnt liked it). Once a year would be more to my liking. And OpenSuse looks like a very interesting option. With less frequent releqses.
Is Topaz based on Lenny or squeeze? Can i update firefox for example?
Or how do i install Beta?
And, does Beta also has the nice logon screen with the animations like the Topaz has?
Ah, and also, what is the repositories fix for?
I have run it. Maybe got more updates after it. Not sure.
But in the end now i have repositories not found or something. I suppose its because if Topaz is Lenny then its just not supported anymore.
But i wonder maybe is it possible then to upgrade to Next Debian release?
Or better just install Beta?
Ok thats about it for now.
Thanks in advance,

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