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Repairing Method of E - broken

Posted by yoyocrusher 
Repairing Method of E - broken
May 16, 2017 06:43PM
<p>E broken machine of the repair of the E, generally crack, broken, bearing hole grinding, bearing pad groove wear or skew, and the connection screw tripping and so on.</p>
<h2>Jaw crusher rhythm break:</h2>
<p>After the long-term operation or sudden accidents occur sometimes break, practice has proved that the broken action has taken place, after taking appropriate technical measures of welding 3ft Simons Cone Crusher Supplier, it is completely repaired and used again.</p>
<p>Moving E-break are generally selected X-type welding, each side of the groove can choose 45 ° ;, welding before the best pre-fixed to do a temporary fixation of the reinforcement welding, so you can ensure that the welding will not be due to temperature changes Deformation, after welding size to meet the size requirements before the break.</p>

<h2>Emergency repair of the machine</h2>

<p>E broken machine is mine, building materials, infrastructure and other crushing production line an important part of the main as a rough machine and broken machine. In order to ensure the normal work of E broken machine, in addition to correct operation E broken machine, must be planned maintenance, including routine maintenance inspection minor repair, repair and overhaul.</p>

<ul><li>1. The main contents of the minor repairs include checking and repairing the E-splitting device, the high-speed discharge gap, and adjusting or replacing the wear liner. Maintenance of transmission parts, lubrication systems and replacement of lubricants. Minor repair period of 1-3 months or so.</li>

<li>2. In addition to repair all the work, but also including the replacement of thrust plate, liner, check and repair the pad and so on. The repair cycle is generally about 1-2 years.</li>

<li>3. Overhaul the repair of all the work, but also including the replacement or turning eccentric shaft and moving mandrel, casting rod at the top of the Babbitt, replace or repair the wear parts. E broken overhaul of the cycle is generally about 5 years.</li></ul>
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