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Posted by Luis_P 
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October 13, 2017 03:22AM
[This is a duplicate of a post in the Spanish forum, because it seems dead (an user posted a question a year and a half ago and nobody answered him until now), I try to write again it in this English forum, hoping have more success.]

I received, after downloading the ISO (2.9.10 beta hybrid) and making a donation for the developers, an email from no-reply@elivecd.org accompanied by a binary file of 16.9 Kb with the name of elive_installer_key_171xxx.cod.
My question: what am I supposed to do with this file? I have been looking through the forum and tutorials and have not been able to find any explanation.

Thanks to anybody who could give me a clue.
Re: Clarification
April 26, 2018 08:41PM
That file is supposed to be a key generator for installing your tool which is supposed to be ISO in your case. If you can install ISO without a key code then there is no use of it. Just let it be a souvenir as it consumes only in few Kb.For any information about essay and content writing visit us at assignmentswriting blogspot to get the best quality service.