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restricting user access

Posted by TravMan63 
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restricting user access
August 06, 2007 04:08AM
1st - Thanks - clap for making this distro - been watching enlightenment since - 2yrs ago+

Just used in a live scenario for open office/vlc - (it's a dual boot - and outperforms ubuntu on same machine - in video 'smoothness'... unfortunately open office impress crashed... but at least had videos (was used in live 'audience' presentation)

btw - torus trooper also performs better in elive!
now - question:

Am attempting to restrict user access per
this guide

-- which works on ubuntu/same machine (dual boot)

I used entrance instead of gdm in the time.conf


included engage to try to see if ANY process would be stopped - nada

edited the pam.d/login and pam.d/entrance files to include

account required pam_time.so

but it's not working...


Re: restricting user access
August 08, 2007 12:42PM
I will attempt the method at this site :

and report back
Re: restricting user access
August 14, 2007 01:10AM
That did not work either. I config'd cron to force log offs every minute during the 'restricted time'. crude but effective.
Re: restricting user access
August 22, 2007 06:53PM
From root:
cat /var/log/auth.log