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E16 Editing enlightenment menus

Posted by erdem 
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E16 Editing enlightenment menus
December 26, 2007 07:53AM
I installed new programs such as Emacs, Planet Penguin Racer. And I want to see them in the programs menu. I read E16 documentation. It says to edit file.menu in the ~/.enlightenment directory. I edited file.menu but the new programs still doesn't exist in the programs menu hmmmm How can I fix this problem ?

And also there is a problem in Utils->Download Non-Free Wallpapers section. I think the image links are outdated..

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Re: E16 Editing enlightenment menus
January 21, 2008 08:55PM
If you use e16 you should edit the menu('s) in your home /.16/menus then open the menu (produktivity.menu for example)where you want to add the executable like:
" Emacs" NULL exec "emacs"
Re: E16 Editing enlightenment menus
May 19, 2008 01:16PM
I have this problem with wicd and turboprint (turboprint setup and turboprint config, the first adds a printer as root and the last configure a printer as user). I don know what is the command line of those. e17genmenu generated automatically them in e17, but I don't know how to see the command line at e17 to copy it at e16.