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E17 Menus

Posted by smirnoff 
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E17 Menus
February 06, 2008 06:57AM
Hey guys

I am trying to add icons in to the Ibar but the drag and drop feature does not appear to be working for some reason, is there another way of doing this?

Again would like to add some stuff into the favorite applications menu but don't know how can anyone advise on this also?

Re: E17 Menus
February 12, 2008 04:56AM
Try dragging the icon from the top right hand corner of the applications title bar. If that does not work then try edit icon under the menu accessed from the same location.

The program entangle is used for editing which apps are displayed in menus and the ibar.
Re: E17 Menus
April 02, 2008 10:52PM

thanks for mentioning entangle. i'm new to enlightenment and wasn't aware of it. however, when i use it to alter my ibar nothing happens. nor do i have the ability to drag-and-drop anything.

i'm using elive gem 1.0, fyi.

any help appreciated.
Re: E17 Menus
April 04, 2008 06:26AM
If using entangle two conditions must be met:

1. a icon (i.e. a valid eap exists in ~/.e/e/applications/all) appears in the left hand column of entangle.
2. the icon must correspond to an installed program or command.

Making icons is rather tricky and annoying sometimes, hopefully this is being worked on.

Which apps are you trying to add?

There are lots of little things in elive that are hard to find out due to a lack of documentation. Asking in irc(internet->chat), reading forum posts and checking out other e17 related sites fills some of the gaps. Here's a few interesting ones:

scrot - screen capture command

alt-esc - run command shortcut

e_util_thing_stable - an other way to make eap's, note they are dumped in home and must be moved to ~/.e/e/applications/all

gksu - great for creating launchers that require root

e17genmenu - creates lots of eap's

Theres a fair bit to get used to, but once everything is running to your liking its a great system.

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Re: E17 Menus
February 24, 2009 08:10AM
In ibar right click, goto the application.
Then select the application you what in the ibar