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e17 and xmms

Posted by EliveMike022465 
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e17 and xmms
August 29, 2007 08:47AM
Hi, I would just like to say, what an awesome job has been done with Elive. Please, please keep up the excellent work!!

I have a slight annoyance I would like to address if I could; every time I open up my laptop lid xmms would start up, and I don't want this to happen. It only happens in e17, and not e16. I've looked high and low for the config file that creates the issue, but to not avail. Please, if anyone would be so kind as to let me know how I can stop this from happening, I would be greatly appreciated.


M. wink
Re: e17 and xmms
August 30, 2007 08:23AM
One other thing, it happens with a fresh install of Elive. Not sure why, but I've reinstall Elive a few times, and with previous versions (0.6.8, and 0.6.9). It doesn't happen with the cvs version of e17.

Hope this helps