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A free alternative to eLive!

Posted by jschall 
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A free alternative to eLive!
March 25, 2011 09:07PM
ELive used to be the best incarnation of Enlightenment in a Linux distribution.

Not any more.

Users who are annoyed with the fact that they had to pay for eLive, and/or that it seems to be dead or at least abandoned, you now have a better alternative!

Bodhi Linux has just been released in its final 1.0.0 form following several beta releases.

Bodhi is a minimalistic, enlightened, Linux desktop.


It is based on *b*nt* 10.04 LTS, and uses the Enlightenment desktop manager.

The lightest desktop manager there is. Beautiful, light yet powerful and fast.

Base build comes loaded with only essentials you need to fulfil most needs.

System requirements are extremely low making it suitable to older machines.
300mhz i386 Processor
128megs of RAM
1.5g HD space

Enlightenment’s modularity makes the most customizable desktop in existence.

A team committed to making Bodhi the Distro you want. Off and On line install assistance for selected apps which have all been tested.

Why are we making Bodhi when there are hundreds of existing Linux distros? Is it redundant? Bodhi sets itself apart from other Linux distros due to it's use of the Enlightenment desktop. Examining all the Linux distros, you will find fewer than a dozen that use Enlightenment.

Why use Bodhi over other "light weight" distros such as LXDE or XFCE? Enlightenment-- It is superbly designed, gorgeous and extremely fast on a wide variety of hardware. Screen shots do not do it justice.

Jeff Schallenberg
Mont Saint Hilaire, Québec
eeePC 701 4G
Re: A free alternative to eLive!
March 26, 2011 05:47AM
C'est avec beaucoup de regret que je vais quitter Elive... mais n'étant pas d'accord avec la politique de payement et n'ayant que de faible ressource je ne peux pas passer à Elive stable! le manque de communication de la part de Elive est également un gros soucis!

J'ai découvert récemment Bodih Linux et je suis séduit, mon seul regret est q'elle ne soit pas basée sur Debian stable... je ne pense pas également que elle rivalise en beauté avec Elive et en stabilité! j'utilise ne situation de travail Elive depuis la version Gem... et là je suis en version 1.60 et sans aucun désagréments!!!

La vrai raison qui me fera passer à Bodih Linux est le fait que je peux disposer de version plus récente des programmes...

Bonne journée

Re: A free alternative to eLive!
March 30, 2011 11:43AM
Tried Bodhi first but found nVidia was a "no go" after several hours of failed attempts as outlined on their forum. See [tinyurl.com] and [tinyurl.com] . I very much liked the fact nVidia was added during the eLive LiveCD; that the desktop is very functional. Miss the rotating wallpapers tho' on this less-than-24_hours old install... that doesn't happen on the installed Desktop - for me anyway.

Although, I must agree I got a bad taste in my mouth when forced to "donate" - a genuine donation isn't forced - while using the poorly written Installer (they really should look at CrunchBang's newest partitioner for it allows one to name the mount points). I didn't like the post-install delay, nor lack of messages on the splash like fsck was underway - that'll make one anxious!; dislike that an additional kernel in grub fails to load fully (screen reloads at the login prompt and keyboard is unusable). And, eLive has the same Debian 6 bug of the number lock LED being OFF while number lock is ON and vice versa!

One may wonder why I'm still using it - two reasons: needed a change and I had to pay for the module.

BTW, I sent a greater true contribution in to CrunchBang ($50USD) than to eLive because CB didn't coerce me. I've donated to Debian and OpenOffice, too.

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