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E16 - electricity goes down

Posted by carax007 
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E16 - electricity goes down
September 11, 2007 02:08AM
Hi everyone.

I was using my computer, in the e16 session, and the electricity goes down and the pc reboot. When i enter again to my e16 session on my elive, well :( , all the settings go away, my engage now is the default engage in enlightenment and all distros. Trough elpanel i try to configure again, but dosnt work. Help please...

Who can post here the line that appears in the "configure engage" that you open trough elpanel? I only need that options to back to the early configuration of my engage.

And the other problem is that the menu of aplications dosnt display, i mean, now dosnt exist at all, the other menu ok, but the aplications one noup. All the archives in /home/user/.16/menu still are exactly like they used to be, but i dont know why dosnt appear. I tried the option regenerate menus, but nothing happen.

F..... electricity

Re: E16 - electricity goes down
September 17, 2007 11:54PM

this is the thing you are searching

"This tool is to manage the user configurations and to recover the original configuration from Elive for a particular program. You have many different options which you can see if you launch it without parameters, but basically only elive-skel upgrade is used"
Re: E16 - electricity goes down
October 31, 2007 08:05AM
thanks, thats what i did.