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Theme questions (getting new ones)

Posted by Berek 
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Theme questions (getting new ones)
May 04, 2013 01:23PM
Hi guys, I am still pretty new to Elive and am not sure how
to get a theme I am looking for. It was posted in the Elive
forum a couple of years ago labeled as Siglo XIX. I can't
find where to get it. I also found one in the E17 theme
site called A-New-1890 which looks very similar. I
downloaded that one and tried to import the .edj file, it
gives an error asking if it is a valid theme. I checked the
about button and it tells me I have version 0.16.999.063
of Enlightement. When I look in Synaptic, the themes for
E17 are listed as being installed. So, do I have E17? Where
can I find the information on making a theme from the E17
site work? Is there somewhere I can upload a theme I have
modified for other Elive users?
Re: Theme questions (getting new ones)
May 09, 2013 06:44AM
Hi Berek , the theme is updated , look here:


I'll put the download when there is an installable version of Elive.


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