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Any plans for 64 bit kernel

Posted by archwndas 
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Any plans for 64 bit kernel
June 13, 2014 07:21AM
Hi all,

for many years now, I have been waiting for a 64bit kernel. Even puppy linux supports that nowdays. Is Elive going to support it?
Re: Any plans for 64 bit kernel
January 05, 2015 08:37PM
Totally agree with you. I find it rather frustrating that elive, which I really like doesn't have a 64-bit version. Perhaps one of the developers can let us know if there is a plan to offer a 64-bit version sometime soon. Let's hope so.....
Re: Any plans for 64 bit kernel
April 19, 2015 02:37PM
I recently downloaded the latest elive beta. It never came across my mind that it wasn't 64bit, why wouldn't it be?...it's 2015 (as of this post). My 64bit app couldn't install, and I then I found out the kernel is only 32bit.

As of this post, it looks like they're still working on their latest 32bit beta, so I'm not sure how soon they're going to introduce a 64bit version.