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e17 and ddesk

Posted by TravMan63 
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e17 and ddesk
August 06, 2007 04:23AM
The 3d desk works ok in e16 (although sometimes it gets 'stuck' and won't allow the desktop to 'restore to normal'

on e17 - it only sees one desktop.
August 19, 2007 06:40AM
When I launch the program 3ddesktop, only my current desktop appears in the 3d view.

I tried the command 3ddesk --acquire, but it doesnt help...

Re: 3dDesktop
August 21, 2007 01:45AM
E17 don't use multiple desktops but virtual desktops (its own system of multiple-desktops)

E16 use multiple desktops AND virtual desktops, you can run it on E16

with 3ddesktop on Elive, who want's XGL things ? emosmile