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We must Improve this forum...

Posted by Pepo 
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We must Improve this forum...
October 24, 2007 12:21AM
Elive is great. Elive need a forum at the same level.

This forum is too poor. No grafics, no option for a topic, bad fonts...

Please, don't hate me, i said what i think... agreat project need a great comunity, the window of this comunity on the world is the forum... i can understand the work for the s.o. is big...

I work in joomla, flatnuke and some other CMS, if you need a moderator or if i can help to build a forum ... i am here... emosmile

If you want an example of my work i post a link... bye

Compliment for elive: is great.
Re: We must Improve this forum...
November 02, 2007 05:13PM
That's true.

I would suggest at least vanilla as forum. And some fonts in the CSS. There are absolute no fonts defined. That's why they are so ugly. Site in pt: 16

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