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Free Laptop (Proven to work by CNN and G4)

Posted by nickstacks123 
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Free Laptop (Proven to work by CNN and G4)
February 21, 2008 10:23AM
After MUCH research and time spent trying to get myself a free laptop I have FINALLY found a legit way to get one. This is the only site i have found that works and that does NOT require any credit card or any money at all. This has been proven to work by G4 and CNN. I will walk you through this step by step. I have a friend who did this and showed me how it all works i have seen his laptop and the proof and it couldnt be easier... here are the steps.

1. Go to the site.. [laptops.freepay.com]

2. Create an account.. takes two mins

3. Complete ONE offer.. i suggest the ringtone.com one no credit card or money required... all you do is give them your number they text you that your signed up then after just a bit (only took me a couple hours but it may be a day or so) you will recieve credit for the completion. then you text back "STOP" and you will be removed from their services and no charge to you plus then you get the credit for completing the offer.. you get the credit for doing NOTHING.

4. Refer a few friends to do the same.

5. Once the offers are completed you will recieve an email that confirms your shipping address.

6. Wait for your laptop to arrive.. my friends only took a little over a week so this site doesnt make you wait 2 months like every other site.. couldnt be easier.

This system works.. trust me ive spent too much time researching this stuff and this way works. Its simple easy and best of all no credit cards or money... if you want more proof check out some stuff on G4 or CNN they all have had shows proving this stuff is legit.