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elive on an old laptop...

Posted by xod 
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elive on an old laptop...
August 15, 2007 03:25AM
Hi Gang,

I'd like to pass on my experience with elive on my old laptop. Elive not only made the laptop "usable" again but it gave it a gorgeous interface that I enjoy showing off to friends.

First the specs of the laptop:
HP Pavilion N5450 -
Pentium III 850 MHz -
128 megs RAM -
18.6 gig HDD

It originally came preloaded with Windows ME (ugh). I later nuked ME and installed XP on it. It wound up running sooooo slow with XP that I set it down a few years ago and basically wrote it off as a functionally unusable.

A few months back I decided to dig out the old laptop and see about setting it up to dual-boot Windows XP (TinyXP actually) and xubuntu. To make a long story short I wasn't pleased with the performance at all. I formatted it again and installed xubuntu as the sole OS. I still wasn't overly pleased with the performance.

After some time I formatted again and installed vector linux. While the speed with vector linux was great, I was still itching for a distro that ran as fast as vector but had a better interface than XFCE.

That's where elive came in. It runs as fast as vector linux on the laptop, but the e17 interface is stunningly gorgeous and very easy to navigate.

Quite simply elive brought my old laptop back to life.

Thank you.
Re: elive on an old laptop...
August 15, 2007 03:12PM
I have installed Elive on IBM T21 700 MHz and it ran really smooth. It is great!