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elive new user

Posted by dag11 
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elive new user
April 13, 2009 04:51AM
hi guys! i'm about to install elive compiz version. first of all i apologize if my english is not that perfect but i'm from italy emosmile
i'm posting in this section cos i don't know if there's a better place. well, i'm an ubuntu user and one of the things i'd like to know about elive is what kind of differences i'm gonna find on this distro. i know elive is based on debian and that's a good thing considering that ubuntu is based on debian too. i used e17 before cos i've installed it on ubuntu intrepid.
to make suspend to ram work usually on ubuntu i need to make changes to xorg and other files. the last command i run is:

gconftool --set /apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/sync_to_vblank 0 --type bool

(if i have compiz working)

as i tried to do that on opengeu with e17 and ecomorph and it gives me back this error:

gconftool is not installed. it can be installed by typing sudo apt-get install gconf2

(checking out synaptic it is installed, while trying to install through the shell it doesn't find it)

i'd like to know if i can do that on elive.

p.s. sorry if my post is too long idea