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I Am The Registered Linux User Nr........

Posted by stanca 
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I Am The Registered Linux User Nr........
July 10, 2009 05:05AM
    You are registered as user #492560 with the Linux Counter, [counter.li.org].
    The data stored about you is given below.
    To update your record, go to [counter.li.org] and enter
    your userid and password.

    Your userid is 492560.
    Your password is 492560-08986.

    Or click the following link (valid for a week after receiving this


    You should log in at least once a year in order to keep your entry from being
    deleted from the counter.

    If you want to help advertise Linux - point your friends to

    If you have removed your info, there is very little below. The counter has
    noted that you own this email, and will prevent others from
    registering it (by requiring the key). Do not worry - this info is not public.

    If you get two messages with different user numbers - drop a line to
    help@counter.li.org, giving the two registration numbers, and request
    that they be merged.
    Remember to state which address you want the counter to send email to!

    Any other problems - mail help@counter.li.org!

    Have fun, enjoy Linux!

    All comments: help@counter.li.org

    Your record was created:  2009-06-27 12:05:11
    Person info last modified: 2009-06-27 12:05:11

    //KEY 492560-08986
    # The key is your password to update info in the counter
    //REPLYTO stancalaurentiu@yahoo.com
    # Your registered email for messages from the counter
    # This email is NOT visible to other people

    name: stanca laurentiu virgil
    city: Bucharest
    # Interpreted as Bucuresti
    country: RO
    email: stancalaurentiu@yahoo.com
    usage: Home
    started: may 2008
    may_publish: Yes
[www.counter.li.org] wink

Procesor Intel Ci3-2100 3.10Ghz,64bit,3MB BOX,
4GB RAM DDR3 1333mhz,
NVIDIA GeForce 210,1GB DDR3,PCI-E,
Linux user:#492560,E17-Ecomorph user.
"This is Linux land!In silent nights you can hear Windows machines rebooting!..."
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