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Using 3G PPP Devices

Posted by chepe263 
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Using 3G PPP Devices
July 13, 2010 10:55AM
I use elive several years ago and i fell in love with the desktop so now i'm using ubuntu and i installed elightment on it

The only problem is that i don't know how connect to internet. I have a ZTE MF626 device but i can't find any option on the elightment desktop such as a network manager or something like that to connect to the internet. I was expecting you guys can help me.


Re: Using 3G PPP Devices
August 16, 2016 06:12PM
If you automate the pppd start, it may occur that the modem device does not exists at the moment of the pppd lauch during the computer boot. This may occur even when the USB modem module load is manually setup in rc.conf: that helps, but the device may be still not always available when pppd comes into scene. The pppd daemon rejects to start when the configured device does not exists, and it doesn't seems to have an option to force it to start (note that in case the device dissapears once pppd is already running, for example by momentarily disconnecting the external 3G USB modem, pppd will continue running and will reconnect once it appears again).

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