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Some Questions About Elive

Posted by Halolnx 
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Some Questions About Elive
March 27, 2011 01:11PM
Ok so ive been i have been interested in using Elive for quite some time now but i have a few questions/concerns to ask before i make the plunge and purchase elive.

1) First and foremost, is Elive and the further devlopment of this dristro dead?? ive not seen any updates done to elive in probably about 2 years (correct me if im wrong) and this worries me quite a bit.

2) I do NOT in any way agree with having to pay for linux, doing so goes against everything that it stands for as a platform (i understand that the developer put alot of time and effort into this but nevertheless it still goes against it) BUT because i do love elive so much i suppose im willing to part with my frustration on this and purchase. my question is, If i purchase elive is my purchase only good for one install and if i have to reinstall am i going to need to purchase elive all over again??.

I am not sure if i put this in the right topic, if not please feel free to move it and any info that could be given will be much appreciated, thank you.
Re: Some Questions About Elive
March 28, 2011 02:34PM
Elive is not dead. But it's not a big team working here, so don't expect too much. When they *do* release stuff, I for one feel that it is always worth the wait, and I get even more convinced each time that it's worth the price. Given the frequency of releases, you may not want to put it on the box that gets heavy or critical use, even though something like topaz is stable enough for *my* day-to-day.

Do mention to Thana in your email what you plan with the install, so you will be advised how to proceed with your purchase that is fair in such a situation.

You are also free to do other distros that feature the e desktop, in case the $ becomes an issue. Later on you might decide that their releases are more regular, or their support base is the size you were expecting, and that these things matter to you more than the fanciest desktop effects. For example, you might decide to turn off/abandon eye-candy of e altogether because you'd prefer that all graphics muscle should be used to power your 3d games, not the desktop itself.

Regarding (2) in your post. You misunderstand the meaning of 'Free', and if you ever truly believe in linux' ideals, you will use your favorite search engine to find out that it doesn't mean that sort of free, but another that is more like 'open for sharing [the source]'. If you think you had it right the first time, and insist upon it, please use another window manager.

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Re: Some Questions About Elive
March 28, 2011 11:03PM
thank you for taking the time to answer my question emosmile that was all very helpful and what i needed to know and even tho im still a bit iffy on buying it since im not being able to freely install this as many times as i need to without having to purchase again i will most likely end up buying it. Well you are right about the 2nd comment i made but to be ohnest i don't think im the first one to make this mistake, many of my friends who are avid users of linux(some going on many years now) have the belief that linux is meant to be free and that if one was to charge for Linux well they might as well just start working for corporate Microsoft or Apple..i want to elaborate on all that but its about 6 in the morning the next day and ive not slept yet so im barely even able to type.

thank you again
Re: Some Questions About Elive
April 06, 2011 04:01PM
I guess my thoughts on linux being free is ..its posted everywhere that linux is free, pretty much anyone who has ever made or edited a distro lets you download it for free and as far as i know elive and very few others (maybe like 4) are the only ones charging. if linux was never intended to be free but rather "free thinking" then it should label itself as "free thinking" and not "free" and neither should everyone be giving away all these distro's free of cost. given all that information would it really be so far fetched to see why myself as well as numerous avid users and beginners alike would think linux was meant to be free?. i guess what it really boils down to is, i have no problem paying for the distro i just don't like that i have no other option but to fork out a bunch of cash for something i want and having it called a "donation" its not a donation if you are being forced, i also remember when the "donation" was only $5 and for some reason it went up to $15.