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new and wondering????

Posted by farmer 
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new and wondering????
July 07, 2018 06:04AM
i am new here and know august from another distro years ago. i have not had a chance to get the dowonload due to 24 hr wait time. doesn't make sense to me. anyway - seems like the forum is rather shaky and not too many people here. 2nd. again it seems like the developer is not sure how long it will keep going? then i am not sure how long things will be there re: LTS version and making it all secure via updates/upgrades. I love Enlightenment but have not found anything that caught and the one pooped out lately. i run 2 laptops and have to deal with a 3rd for my wife so installing and tweaking all aspects is tedious and with minimal time to continually do this i am curious as to the Lts and also future of elive too. not complaining just want to find something that really grabs me and that will be there long term as such. also when i 3 coming out. i install beta 2.9 then how long beofre i have to reinstall it again? thanks.
Re: new and wondering????
July 08, 2018 06:44PM
LTS will be managed by own servers, so no need to worry about that

forum has a lot of users and activity, but old topics are moved to old sections to cleanup the main threads

you dont need to install new versions unless you want to have the features listed the changelogs, but elive includes elive-upgrader with automated updates so most of them should be included "doing nothing"